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The Rise of The Independent

Today as we see the struggle of many big brands like M&S, Mothercare and many more, there has never been a greater opportunity for independent retailers.

As people look towards the local store, wee see big players like Mama’s and Papa’s opening small stores under new names such as One – Four – Five.

Here are some areas you should consider:

Customer Experience & Visual Presentation.

Break Your Store Down ——– > A – Visual | B – Sensory | C – Audio

Simple changes like:

  1. Store Facade – Go outside and be more open to testing new ideas, if you have had the same layout and style for more than three years then its time to make it priority to mix this up.
  2. Experience V Product – If you still are only focused on product taking up the main bulk of your store, then you need to re consider this – its one of the main reasons we see those big stores falling fast – Get your balance right.

Bambino’s in Ennis have great examples of this.

2. Creating A Community

We see the bigger brands trying to create this sense of community – IKEA have launched many of these initiatives.

look for opportunities and think outside the box, Can you start a running club once a month if you sell a lot of fitness gear – can you set up a coffee morning for your best customers – sales come from experience and these will keep customers engaged with your brand.

3. Team of the Future

The most important one!

There needs to be new thinking around enagaging retail staff, what once worked is no longer how people want work in the industry.

Look at some brands like Coffee Angel who make their staff the front and centre of their business this gives staff a greater sense of purpose than just working in retail.

(Image from Coffee Angel Twitter)

Ask questions, Is the area they chill out in out of date? Do the staff find it inspiring ? Do they feel you make this area as important as the shop floor? This is so important to maintaining positive teams.

Small retailers have the advantage of being able to make these changes easier and quicker.

TIME to RISE !!!! 🙂

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