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Rebranding! – #itmakesvisualsense

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Rebranding! – #itmakesvisualsense

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go on one of those reality TV makeover shows. You know, the ones with the big reveal at the end. It’s not something I’d ever actually do of course, or recommend doing (embrace your natural beauty!), but it’s the reaction that always intrigued me. The surprise! The joy! The “wow, check out my new look!” And now, finally I get it.

To celebrate five years of providing our clients with the highest quality bespoke visual merchandising and design services, we decided to give Visual Sense a makeover! Or as we call it in the world of business; rebranding. We’ve grown so much as a business, we’ve learned so much, and we now offer a wider range of services than ever before, our old branding just didn’t seem to “fit” anymore. So we invoked the help of top-notch creative consultants to help us find our new style and design our new website, and boy, are we happy with the results!


First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate our new logo?! Okay maybe we’re biased here, but we think it’s perfect. It’s clean and simple without being too minimalistic. It’s got that painted vibe to it, showing we’re a creative agency. And of course it’s our favourite ‘Visual Sense’ shade of blue, with a touch of orange to brighten it up!


We always advise keeping your fonts consistent, so that’s exactly what we’ve done in this rebrand. For us the handwritten feel was very important, essential in fact! Why? Because our clients come to us for our bespoke services, tailor-made creative directions for their retail business that meet their unique needs. There is no “one-fits-all” approach to the visual strategies we offer, and no two projects are the same. Although it might seem impossible to encapsulate all of that in a FONT, we think this one does a pretty good job! Each client has different goals, objectives and challenges. We recognise this and strive to make our clients feel special. I was trying to explain this to a friend once, describing what we do and how we try to make our clients feel and what sets us apart from the competition. The best way I could describe it was this: the way you feel when you receive a handwritten letter addressed you versus the way you feel when you receive a copy-and-paste printed letter that starts with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. So yes, fonts are important!



This rebranding would be carried across our every element of our business, with the main home being our shiny new website! I try not to play favourites but I think it’s the website that I was most excited about. When you work in a visual agency, a picture really is worth a thousand words! So we decided our new site should incorporate more images of the work we’ve done, and allow it to speak for itself. And if people want a thousand written words instead of a picture, they can always come here, to our blog, we we’ll be discussing everything from recent campaigns, creative visual strategies, and top tips for retail business owners. I might even share my favourite coffee spots in Dublin, but I need to do some research first!



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