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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Enhancing your customer experience constantly is key to staying ahead, putting the customer first and really looking at your retail space as its very own marketing power house can be hugely successful.

We look at 6 ideas in this 2 part blog.

1. Give them social content! 

Providing customers with opportunities to enhance their own lives is a win win for both customer and retailer.

Ensuring you are giving them lots of opportunities to do so by having potential areas  to take images, its more than just snapping a cup of coffee its looking at the whole experience of your space.
Impactful walls like this one below are not only good for social interaction but are also a great way to increase your retail sales by using good merchandising practices.

(Image from Vend Retail Blog)

2. Let them play! 

Fashion retailers have huge opportunities here – And Isn’t that what fashion is all about? A way to express yourself and have fun.
If your store is not as easy to shop in as your online store then this will be issue for customers.
Creating simple easy to shop areas and curated styling concepts will encourage people to be more open and give them a much faster shopping experience. Its all about inspiring people.

Fitting rooms are a good way to also let people amerce themselves in the shopping experience.
One brand who lets customers play is aeropostale they installed iPads into each fitting room, you can choose your own playlist while you shop!!

3. Little things go along way! 

If you’ve ever read that fascinating study about the power of mint, where waiters received a 21% better tip when they left two free mints you know that reciprocity is a powerful psychological trigger, and that it doesn’t take much for a gift to leave an impact
For smaller retailers handwritten thank you notes or Creating fun Thank You Video to post online, This video doesn’t have to be high-tech or scary to make. A simple smartphone video will do the trick, look for ways to make people feel good about themselves and your sale will live long past the transaction.

Thanks for reading.

Part 2 – Up soon! 

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