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Creating & Controlling the Shopper Journey

They say that 50% of the sales floor is never seen by customers (Yikes) So controlling how customers shop the sales floor is key to increasing this.

Here we look at 3 areas that need to be considered carefully…… 

The Decompression Zone!

The first 5 to 10 feet inside your door is the area where you need to let customer “decompress” to the new environment (let them do this)

Having product in this area will only slow down this process and has a knock on effect for the rest of the shopping experience.


Your Impression Zone! 

Once you have set up the right decompression zone, you set up the impression zone.

We suggest you take a image just past your the decompression zone, they say the camera never lye’s and this image will show more information than standing in the space.

This area should house product displays and speed bumps  that enable customers to slow down and refocus, This part of the store is where you tell your storey of what they should except from the rest of the store.

The Less is more approach is the way to ensure the customer gets into the shopping mindset.


The Power Zone! 

These are the walls both right and left of this area, make sure people have a clear line of sight and can easily access theses areas, You have set the stage now and customers start to engage more with products here.

Frequently refresh this ares and use to highlight new products.

We hope you enjoyed this blog, so off you go and take those snaps.

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