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3 tips for pharmacies to stand out

Hello everyone,

Howard Saunders told a room full of retailers at last week’s retail excellence retreat

“The Store is dead” (you can see the same talk by clicking)

He spoke about how the introduction of the smart phone after the crash changed retail forever, it took us to the world and the world came to us.

So how do you implement simple strategies that can reconnect with customers.

First to remember.

1.We have gone from five seconds to two seconds to catch someone’s attention
2.Windows are a marketing tool – Display is dead.
3.People want THE best product.


If you have façade with two windows one each side of your door – then use both for the same promotion – Don’t do two different things it is just confusing, with 50% less impact.


We all want to know the trends, the A products what the celebs are using or what other cusotomer are using.

Make sure you tell people all the time – show them.


So many in the industy tend to all do the same thing – very little humour or creativity, and to be honest it’s the one place you might need a bit of laugh or a good feeling, maybe you’re going to buy prescriptions for youself and you feel a bit low.

So why not fill your windows with coloured balloons with some positive words on them, few packets of nice balloons (buy here) and a black marker!

Making your customers smile and connect is priceless.


If you’re selling THE products, the must have skin care or health supplements and they come with a heavy price tag you need to showcase them to their best potential.

Evoke feelings in people, when we think of the ingredients used inside then you can start to use them to enhance the experience which will always influence spending.

Oh and one final note.

The coloured tissue paper often seen in windows ….. its time to let it go …..
We know it will be hard, But really we will all be happier without it.

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