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3 Takeaways From Survive & Thrive

Last night Retail Excellence held their second “Survive & Thrive Roadshow in the AIB bank centre – We heard from Matthew Brown of Echo Chamber.

Our key takeaways,

  1. Communicate your expertise. 

The role of any retailer is to be the expert for your customers, Tell stories about products, Communicate the value of your products / services.

We advise to always keep it simple – people will retain more of the information.


  1. First Impressions

We are big fans of this one!

Your store façade tells customers in seconds who you are as a retailer, from the colour to your signage to your windows, it is not so much about product anymore it is about your overall impact on the street.

This is the difference between people going online and wanting to shop the high streets.

We love the example of Paul Smiths store in London.

  1. Adding Value

How are retailers driving more revenue – some brands are looking at ways to use their space completely differently than what was once conventional retail space.

From running classes in-store to having Coffee Shops to presseco bars in fitting rooms – It’s time to throw away the rule book, anything is possible!

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