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3 Retail Trends 2018


Firstly thanks so much to the team at Phorest for having me at the salon summit it was such an amazing day!!

I talked about the importance of visual identity and visual merchandising for retail and also outlined these 3 key trends for 2018.

1.Personalisation will still be key #retailtrend2018 and beyond. But customisation is the next stage

It’s not about just putting initials on products. Customisation is much more it’s about letting customers build the exact product style they want.

It’s about offering a unique customised experience and product.

2. Healthy & environment-friendly lifestyles will be a focus for many consumers

We will increasingly be mindful of our purchases. More and more shoppers are choosing products that are sourced responsibly and are good for our bodies and environment

Adding to this your overall communication plan by showcasing the value of your services / products is a easy way to start to introduce this. Think how you can show them you care about them having a healthy lifestyle.

3. The rise of mixed use space has seen substantial growth as retailers look to hospitality to revamp their own customer experience and this trend is set to rise even more this year.

Like number 2 you can think BIG or Small with this one depending on your budget. Customers want more so from adding a juice bar or coffee shop to your retail business or to just really upping your game with any form of hospitality you offer, its not just a glass of water or tea/coffee its real great chance to strengthen your brand image & give something more to your clients.

In the next blog we will post our tips around visual identity….stay tuned.


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