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2 Reasons you are not converting sales in fashion retail

We all know footfall is down and the current trend looks like it is sticking around.
But saying that there are still lots of opportunities to sell once people are in the store.

As a fashion retailer your role is to communicate via your store vm that every outfit / mannequin or area you put together is current, stylish and trend driven.

You are telling the story and instilling confidence in your fashion brand as soon as the customer walks on the door

With this in mind 2 areas that could be affecting sales are:

1. Forgetting the Basics.

I recently was in a store on Grafton street and I noticed not one “front” of a wall section or floor rail was properly dressed with coordinating looks, accessories etc. I thought do they not want to make any money?

There is nothing worse than looking at a blazer swinging open with nothing under it or any options around it to inspire the full look.

Close by was rail with a trousers, a top and second top none of which went together, I watched as people seemed perplexed and uninspired but wanting to spend so they could have that instant satisfaction that comes with getting the perfect outfit.

The looks on the floor must be carefully planned and ensuring they are easy to shop, trend driven, inspiring and lots of add on sales.

2. You have too much stock and no visual inspiration

With Instagram becoming a huge source of inspiration for everyone, we are becoming accustomed to seeing fashion as a lifestyle, a fantasy life………..

We dream of being the next fashion icon on our red bike with the latest dress with those flowers in our basket

Then we go to the shops,

And we see rails and walls full of product and we think hold on ….. “WHERE IS MY DREAM ?
Where is the visual so I can relate.

Integrating your Instagram and your store is vital for fashion shopping and If your VM teams and Marketing are not working hard on this then you are missing a lot of opportunities.


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